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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

GiftsUSA.biz is happy to ship your orders via UPS according to your delivery priority. All rates quoted are provided by the carrier at the time of check-out. All shipments are insured at standard carrier limits. All packages are shipped FOB Kent, WA. Orders above $250 require signature-receipt on delivery. Please check the web-site for UPS for details regarding their delivery terms.

Delivery Limitations

GiftsUSA.biz is happy to ship your product to any address considered by UPS as domestic to the United States of America. Please note that UPS cannot deliver to all addresses, including the following types:

  • United States Post Office Boxes
  • APO (Army Post Office)
  • FPO (Fleet Post Office)
Orders submitted with a non-US domestic shipping address or to which UPS cannot deliver will be cancelled. GiftsUSA.biz apologies for any inconvenience.


All products come in their original manufacturer's packaging. GiftsUSA.biz packs any product into separate boxes for shipping unless the original packaging is classified by the manufacturer as safe for shipping.

Processing Time

GiftsUSA.biz does not make guarantees for processing/shipping times; however, we try very hard to ship orders as soon as possible. Most orders ship within 3-4 business days. All orders are processed and shipped on a strict first-come-first-served basis. You have the option to buy priority handling at checkout time, which means we will process your order ahead of all non-priority orders, but in sequence received with other priority orders.

Satisfaction Guarantee

GiftsUSA.biz proudly stands behind their products and guarantees customer satisfaction. If for any reason you are not satisfied you may return your merchandise. Note that all returns are subject to the Return Policy below. GiftsUSA.biz regrets if you have received any damaged products and will make every effort to correct this. Please see our Damage Policy below for details.

Return Policy

Returns may be made for any reason within 30 days of the invoice purchase date. Simply reply to the order confirmation email we sent you at the time you submitted the order and let us know you wish to return all or some of the merchandise from that order. If your order had multiple items, and you wish to return only some of them, be sure to let us know which you would like to return. We will send you return instructions within 1-2 business days along with a return authorization number. You then have 15 days to ship us the return merchandise. Refunds will be issued as soon as merchandise is received and processed (typically within 1-2 business days of us receiving your return).

Conditions on all returns:

  • All returns must have a valid return authorization number. Return authorization numbers are valid for 15 days after being issued. Return shipments without a valid return authorization number will be refused.
  • All returns must be initiated within 30 days of invoice purchase date.
  • All return merchandise must be received within 15 days after we issue you the return authorization number.
  • All return merchandise becomes property of GiftsUSA.biz on being received.
  • All return merchandise must be packed in original manufacturer's packaging and must be in re-sellable condition.
  • You will receive a 100% refund of the price you paid, plus any applicable taxes, for all merchandise that is returned in re-sellable condition.
  • Returns without original packaging, but that are otherwise not damaged, will be issued a 60% refund of the price you paid plus any applicable taxes.
  • No refund will be issued for returns received in a damaged condition. To request a damage claim, please see our Damage Policy below.
  • Shipping, priority handling or other handling charges will not be refunded.
  • You are responsible for all shipping charges and all shipping issues when returning merchandise.
  • GiftsUSA.biz is not responsible for lost or delayed shipments or any damages due to shipping of returns.
  • GiftsUSA.biz recommends all return shipments are made using trackable means and that you provide appropriate shipping insurance with you carrier in case there are any issues.

Damage Policy

GiftsUSA.biz regrets if you have received any damaged products and will make every effort to correct this. Please report any damages promptly on receipt of the shipment. Simply reply to the order confirmation email we sent at the time you submitted the order, and let us know what happened. Things we need to know:

  • Was the packaging visibly damaged? If so, please describe the damage. Examples of types of damages include punctures, crushing, or visible stress from being dropped.
  • If you ordered multiple items, please indicate which item(s) are damaged.
  • It is very helpful if you can include pictures of the damaged merchandise, including any damaged packaging.
We will process your damage request within 1-2 business days and will respond via email. Typically, we will give you the option of whether you would like a replacement sent or a refund issued. Also, we will send the appropriate return instructions for the damaged merchandise.

Detailed Terms on Damages:
  • All damages must be reported within 15 days of delivery. Damages reported after this will not be accepted.
  • GiftsUSA.biz will pay for any return shipping charges of damaged product.
  • Damaged product must be packaged in original packaging to prevent further damage during return shipment.
  • If you select to receive a refund, you will receive 100% of the price you paid for the damaged merchandise plus any applicable taxes, as well as 100% of applicable shipping costs. Applicable shipping costs are determed propotionally by weight of the number of damaged products versus total number of products on the order.
  • All refunds are processed as soon as possible (typically the day we receive notice from you that this is what you want).
  • All replacements are processed the same as normal orders (see Processing Time above). If you purchased high-priority handling originally, then your replacement order will also be handled the same.
  • GiftsUSA.biz will ship all replacement orders at no cost to you.
  • GiftsUSA.biz reserves the right to monitor customer activity for abuse and may at any time waive its damage policy if returns from a specific customer or delivery address exceed a pre-determined threshold.

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